Season veggies soup with cereal chips

Creamy soup with a crunch 

Enjoy a creamy soup of seasonal vegetables paired with the crunch of homemade seed chips. A perfect starter or main course - this soup is made with parsnips but you can substitute them for other seasonal vegetables, like jerusalem artichokes for example. 


For soup:

Vegetable soup stock - 1 L
Parsnips - 1,5 kg
Ghee butter  - 100 g
Soy milk - 300 ml

For cereal chips:

Flour – 50 g
Water  – 100 ml
Vinegar – 30 ml
Brown sugar, salt  
Pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds

Step 3

Put the parsnips into the saucepan, cover with the broth and cook for 10 minutes until ready.

Step 5

Add ghee butter and mix thoroughly. Pour in the soup into the bowl and serve with chips.