• Unleash your creativity 
  • Bring out the flavour faster
  • One of the best ways you can store your food

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Unleash your creativity 

The CombiVac Sealer enables you to use professional vacuum technology in your own home and create exceptional flavours - opening up a whole new range of culinary possibilities. 

Bring out the flavour faster

Bring rich, deep flavour to your cooking in less time. With the vacuum sealer drawer, there’s no need wait hours for traditional marinating. Simply put your food and spices inside the vacuum sealer drawer, close the lid and push the button. Effortlessly infuse meat and fish with delicious fresh herbs and citrus – or piquant Asian flavours – in far less time than usual.

One of the best ways you can store your food

Preserve your food for longer by vacuum sealing it using this professional Vac Sealer drawer. It extracts 100% of air inside all standard food bags on the market.

Tehnična specifikacija
Specifikacija za EVD14900OX
BI_Dimensions_VacuumSealerDrawer 139x560x550
Dimensions_VacuumSealerDrawer_Chamber 72x408x276
Dimensions_VacuumSealerDrawer_MaxBag_Dimensions 350x250
Funkcije Marinating/Infusion, Max. vacuum, Med. vacuum, Min. vacuum, Sealing time
Usable chamber volume,I 8
Moč (V) 220/240
Skica za EVD14900OX

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